Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another quick high speed healthy living update

Trying to juggle family life with two children and a wife, a busy job, organising an electrician plus plumber, some running, some cycling, some blogging, writing a book, time to go "flop" in February all takes some doing.  But I love it; although sometimes I question the busy job with the pressure it brings.

Here's a few highlights:

  • The snow has gone and running is easier.  Last weekend I had two nice runs, although I am a little behind in my MK Marathon training schedule but time to catch up.
  • I have run twice during the working week.  Both times I turn off my computer, go and change into my running gear.  In my yellow jacket I have been compared to a highlighter pen.
  • One of these runs I was accompanied by my colleague who has run with me quite a few times.  I quite like it because we're similar age and at a similar standard.  We run at a pace where we can still have some kind of conversation with each other without being totally out of breath.  We do about 5 miles.
  • We got over taken by another runner (who said "hi") and he looked a fantastic runner.  He was gliding along so effortlessly, almost as if he was a gazelle, and quite fast too.  Impressive.
  • I ran the same route the following day on my own and timed myself - this time much faster but it seemed to take much longer!  Effect of running with someone else is interesting....
  • Had a session on the cycle turbo trainer one evening.  Amazing how in 20 minutes I am sweating away nicely.  After 40 minutes the session concludes in feeling fantastic but being nudged towards the bathroom for a shower by my loving family
  • I am trying out some Montmorency cherry juice from the Proteins Depot for another forthcoming product review
  • Now we are in February I am easily noticing the increased daylight hours which is fantastic!

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