Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back on track!

Myself in the newly restored Great Room, RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London
In case you may have been wondering, I have been out of action for a couple of weeks.  I've really missed running and cycling but thankfully I'm now back.  There's a bit of a weird story to this and it starts a few weeks ago at the RSA, that's the Royal Society of Arts by the way; the claimed home of enlightened thinking.

HRH Princess Anne introducing the President's Lecture
I found myself being invited to this rather grand affair because of my work and had the honour of being presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.  Through a brief conversation, as one does, I was very heartened and impressed by her insight and her practical grasp on the matter in hand.  

Unbeknown to me that's where my recent string of difficulties begun.  I managed to become thoroughly dehydrated through the evening: being teetotal my options were limited and I had previously advised my hosts that I was vegetarian so I was, perhaps, a bit of an awkward guest. The dehydration managed to bring my digestion to a halt which in turn lead to a bladder infection.  The fact that the Duke of Edinburgh has been hospitalised twice this year for the same difficulty had me wondering for a while if there was a connection.  Of course there wasn't but I was amused to think that, just for half a second.

I will spare you the painful (and I do mean PAINFUL) details but rest assured the Doctor was spot on when he said the antibiotics would take three days to take effect.  It seems incredible that this has kept me out of my running shoes and off my bike for two weeks.  During that time, I can tell you, I have been through all kinds of withdrawal symptoms and I realise now how much my ability to function is helped by running and cycling.  

So, declaring myself fit and the arrival of the weekend, yesterday I had a gentle run along the seafront at Weston-Super-Mare, just for about 20 minutes.  It was very tempting to go further but I knew I should ease myself back in gradually, I know it won't take long.  This morning I ran a little further - about four miles including a hill.  That was splendid and I knew I was back on track.  This afternoon in the beautiful hazy sunshine I cycled up to see my Mother-in-Law as usual on a Sunday afternoon.  That was just over 15 miles and it felt as if I was starting from scratch again!

Already I am mentally planning a few runs and a few bikes rides over the next week or two.  Knowing I am better and in believing it won't be long before my usual fitness returns, I am feeling very positive.  Just as well really as there have been a few things troubling me at work lately and a good dose of endorphins and sweaty tee shirts is normally a brilliant way of working through these things.

RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London

I took this a long time ago at the RSA

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