Saturday, 13 October 2012

10 Reasons to enter the 2013 MK Marathon

After the 2012 outside the MK Dons stadium - fab!
Just had an email from those nice people who are organising next year's MK Marathon.  That's the Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, aka Milk n Beans.

The 2012 event was the first marathon in MK.  Many people, myself included, will remember it because it rained, it was flippin cold and at times pretty tough going.  It was a fast flat route, virtually all off road and very well organised.

Reason 1

One of the best reasons to do THIS race is because it takes place on 6 May 2013 - Bank Holiday Monday.  Almost certainly the weather will be great and isn't it a refreshing change for a race to be on any day other than Sunday.  I know quite a few Christians who like running but are put off from racing on a Sunday.  Okay, I'm a Christian and I do race on Sundays, sometimes with a heavy heart but I always remember being told how we can worship God in all we do.

Reason 2

No waiting for a ballot: Guaranteed entry if you enter now – no waiting to see if you have been accepted or disappointment to find out that you haven’t.  Book a place and start planning your training now!

Reason 3

No pressure to raise money: A proportion of the race entry fee is already allocated to the official event charity (MK Dons Sport & Education Trust).  Your guaranteed entry has no pressure to raise astronomical amounts of money although you are welcome to raise money for your chosen cause, we have plenty of suggestions on our Run for Charity page.

Reason 4

Unique bespoke training plans – get ahead of the restTraining plans unique to the Milton Keynes race featuring specifically dated detailed training recommended for different levels of runners. There will also be training runs on the marathon course and workshops for your anticipated pace.  Our chief trainer will be Mark Kleanthous, who has a wealth of experience in coaching endurance athletes.

Reason 5

Access to the best expert advice and products: Our workshops, training runs and seminars will feature presentations, Q&A sessions, product sampling and spot prizes, all great aids to your race day preparation.  (There will be a small fee to book for these events).

Reason 6

A scenic green course – no concrete cows!:This is a 26.2 mile city marathon with a difference. With 4,500 acres of woodlands, lakesides, parks and landscaped areas within the city, Milton Keynes is the ideal venue for a Green Marathon.

Reason 7

No mind-destroying laps:  A single lap course with no significant inclines.

Reason 8

Plenty of crowd support – even if it rains!: ‘Big Marathon’ experience with entertainment en route to motivate you, excellent marshal support and crowds of enthusiastic spectators.  Comments from last year’s participants:  “some of the best marshalling I’ve ever seen”  “Despite the awful weather I would like to say a massive thank you to all marshalling staff and drink station staff who were vocal in their support. Thank you so much.”  “I was amazed at the support on the course”.

Reason 9

Stadium finish: You will have an unforgettable atmospheric finish in a modern 22,000 seater stadium.

Reason 10

Keep your supporters happy:  While they are waiting to cheer you into the stadium there is a Superhero Fun Run to keep the family entertained, access to stadium seating will be free on race day.

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