Sunday, 6 March 2011


I was toying with calling this post "Injury update 3" but I'm feeling a lot more positive than that.

Not deterred by my unsuccessful attempt to buy some new running shoes from Arosports after work on Friday, I went for a run on Saturday morning.  Knowing I'm a little out of shape I decided to do my usual run, in reverse, meaning I would have to be running for 15 minutes before I started to climb, rather than the usual 8 minutes before I hit a really steep incline.

Once I'd got to the top I got the full effect of the cooling breeze and lovely views, albeit drab grey.  After 20-30 minutes I was feeling better than I expected and added on an extra mile and headed for a path that turned out to be rather "damp".

The first part contained a few puddles which I delighted in running through, even though I could have gone around the edge - but I was out to enjoy the thrill of a run, not pussy foot around a puddle.  Further on it got really "squetchley" and I was all over the place, sliding around but grinning throughout.  Got home at 8.00am and hardly anyone was really up for the day so little competition for the shower!

Wow I felt so alive!  Out of shape, a little more tired than normal but so much alive.  Pleased I did my 7.5 mile run in spite of being out of condition.

Then this afternoon, I again could resist the opportunity of having a ride on my bike, to see how my hand faired.  The outcome, the verdict?  Well, not bad.  I think by next weekend I'll be ready for a shortish ride and we'll take it from there.  My hand is probably 95% healed.

By the way, you might remember I mentioned I was going to see my Doctor about my hand.  While he disapproves of any kind of self diagnosis, he did agree that I've pulled my tendons and ligaments about.  Also he suspects I have probably broken a bone or two after all, saying X Rays don't always pick up whatever he was suspecting.  Owing to the passage of time, there is little point in another X Ray.

So, I had a good run yesterday and a short trial ride on my bike.  Things are looking up......


  1. Good to see you getting your Mojo back again and remember most older men cannot manage even running
    one mile never mind seven and a half so good stuff.

  2. Thanks Anonymous.
    Last year I ran three half marathons, each about 1hr 45 mins, give or take a few minutes. On one hand I was pleased but each time I was outclassed by plenty of others who were several years older. I think this is what is meant by "Type A" personality - I'm hard on myself sometimes - but I need to be!