Sunday, 27 March 2011

Quick update on things....

A very pleasant week including our 15th wedding anniversary.  As last weekend involved Rachel and I going away for a treat, we said to B&H they could choose what we did on the anniversary itself.  Their choice - and we loved this - was fish and chips on the Downs for tea.

After a trial ride last weekend, I decided to take a chance and cycle to work one day and see how my (still) injured hand held up.  The outcome wasn't too bad, I'm still not "out of the woods" yet but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My leg cycling muscles were definitely out of shape and I found I was working quite hard.

So I decided to do it all again the following day as the weather was so good!

The result is that my hand is suffering a bit, compounded by another 25 miles today!  In spite of what the Doctor has said, I am still not convinced I haven't got a broken bone, so I might go back once more to have it checked more thoroughly.

I digress.  So grateful and blessed for another happy year of married life.


  1. Doug, we will be married 15 yrs in July! You resently commented on my website. (just getting it started in Arkansas U.S.A.)We are praying for your hand. I love the website!!! Best luck to you and yours. Do you have a facebook page? Thanks....

  2. Hello and many thanks for your kindness; your prayers are valued.
    Congratulations to you on your 15 years! Sorry, no facebook page :0(