Sunday, 30 January 2011

Injured - withdrawal symptoms kicking in already!

The photo doesn't really show the bruising very well but let me assure you it flippin' hurts!

This morning I went for a shortish run prior to a bike ride this afternoon.  While I was out I took a tumble and landed on some rough frozen ground.  To be honest this is the first time anything like this has happened while I've been out running.

I managed to land awkwardly on my left side with my shoulder, arm and in particular, my hand taking my fall.

Back home Rachel suggested an ice pack and maybe a trip to Accident & Emergency.  Naturally I've tried to shrug this off and I'm trying to convince myself I have sprained my hand and it'll be better soon.  My family helpfully reminded me of the time I broke my wrist almost 5 years ago and put off going to A&E for 4 days as I emphatically denied any possibility of a fracture.  Even when I was at A&E I wanted to check the X-ray myself!

What bugs me the most is that there's no way I can ride this afternoon - I'd been looking forward to that for a few days now.  Even more frustrating is that the weather is getting much brighter and nicer outside.

Our Sunday afternoon routine generally involves a trip to see my Mother in Law.  These days I normally find my own way there under my own steam and this is when I was planning my Sunday afternoon ride.  Door to door, it's about 6 miles and there are a number of other reasonably quiet and scenic routes to take, adding a few more miles.    Even for me, cycling is out of the question today; it would be too painful if I were to try and hold the handlebars with my left hand.

I suggested to Rachel "well, at least I could run up to your Mum's this afternoon and see you there"

"Honestly - MEN!"

So, I'm really suffering withdrawal pangs this afternoon.  I was so much looking forward to clocking up a few miles this afternoon.  How depressing.

I always remind myself, as I often hear myself saying to the girls, let's keep a balanced view on this.  It could be worse and it could be for the better.  Oh, it did mean I could settle down and listen to Desert Island Discs  earlier - the guest was Jon Snow, broadcaster, journalist and a big cheese in the CTC.  Excellent chap.

OK I went to A&E.  Almost certainly a bad sprain diagnosis based on having a feel and seeing if I yelped.  A consultation with a Doctor was on offer if I was prepared to wait a few hours.  So I got sent home with some painkillers which is fine by me.  Coming home that is, not the need for painkillers - I was issued with four Diclofenac Sodium which are pretty useless but fine with a recent dose of Ibuprofen.  The Triage nurse said I can expect it to get worse before it gets better but in any event to go back later if I need to.

What was really depressing at the hospital was the sight of people puffing away smoking cigarettes near the entrance including a man in his hospital pyjamas sitting in a wheelchair.  He must have been freezing cold - it has been only 1 or 2 degrees today.

I felt so pleased for being so healthy, albeit out of action as far as cycling for a few days.  Just wondering how I'll be able to drive tomorrow but we'll just have to wait and see.  All for now.....

Update 2
The general consensus in the office was that I should go and get checked out again; my hand was not a pretty sight with a nice bruise coming both sides and very swollen.  I could hardly swivel my wrist at all and probably shouldn't be driving.  Rachel and Becky kindly took me.

I decided to present myself as someone who had only a really minor injury and surely it would be quick dealing with me.  It worked although the LED sign suggested they aim to see people within 4 hours.

I was seen fairly quickly, perhaps 15 minutes or so, by a triage Doctor.  Without any hesitation he requested an X-ray and sent me to the nearby department.  After 5 minutes the images were emailed back to the Doctor who said it didn't look like I had any fractures which was a brilliant result.  Grinning like a Cheshire cat I shook his hand and thanked him and was on my way.  He did say, however, that the Radiologist hadn't checked the X-rays and so they would phone me if anything else came to light.

So that was a quick win for the hospital, as I'd been processed through really quickly and probably helped their performance measures in my own small way.  Others were having to wait, some looking in a pretty bad shape for other kinds of treatment and patching up.  While I was wondering if I should feel guilty, I knew that I had taken so little time to deal with and had I not been seen to quickly, I would have helped clog up the whole shift.  All in all I'm delighted: no fractures, less painful and today the healing has been noticeable.  Soon I'll be out running and cycling again.

I couldn't help marvel at the X-ray.  What an incredible design the hand is.  It looks so simple and yet it can do so much with such precision.  Amazing, utterly amazing.


  1. Sorry you have had a fall and got injured.
    Its bad luck and very frustrating when you are motivated for action but it happened because you was out there being active and doing your best to keep fit and there is honour in that.
    Best to just chill out for now...there is time and its going to be a good year for all of us,I'm sure.

  2. Ah thanks. You're right, there is time and yes it's going to be a good year, God willing.