Monday, 24 January 2011

I might have caught myself, just in time

Taken at St Pancreas Station, London
Yes, I might have caught myself, just in time.

What with cycling to work three days last week, parents coming to stay last weekend and the usual array of other distractions I've "let myself go" a little.

I went to the gym this evening.  I did some stretching and didn't feel brilliantly supple and a little stiff doing some other things.  So I decided to go for a treadmill run, just for 5 miles, rather than my usual 6.2 miles (10k).  I did it alright, albeit sweating more than usual and I knew I'd pushed myself more than usual. My time was 38 minutes, which on its own, isn't too bad for me but I could just tell I was getting out of shape as I felt quite tired at the end of that.  Ordinarily I could keep that pace up for another hour - but not today as I'm definitely off peak.

While I was on my way there, I stopped off at Sainsbury's who are doing free cholesterol testing.  Now I know there's going to be some marketing going on there but considering the hassle of getting it done at the Doctor's surgery it was worth having it done this way.

The result wasn't too bad at 5.01 but I'm normally lower.

So, taking 10 days off running has already had an effect.  Eating the wrong foods has had an impact so I must get back to the normal regime, especially with such grandiose ideas for this year!


  1. I would say that all things considered,you have an excellent level of fitness.
    Its often hard to be in top condition when you have a demanding job and other commitments
    Oh, by-the-way I had a great ride the other day...down in the beautiful Sussex countryside.
    Pain and pleasure! Thanks.

  2. Thank you, a kind comment. Yes you're completely right in that getting the balance right between job, home life etc is tricky. Glad you had a great ride - remember "no pain, no gain!"