Saturday, 13 January 2018

First run of 2018

My first run of 2018 in numbers:

Distance - 3.1miles
Pace - 8:46mins/mile
Calories - 445
Other runners - 3
Creaky ankles - 2

With all of my daily running in December, I thought I would have a little rest at the start of January.  Besides, life has not been too amenable to running.  Crap weather, cold, dark, work pressures and so on.

So with today's run in mind, I did feel strangely apprehensive.  Has my fitness gone?  Will I be able to run?  Will I ache afterwards?

The run itself was fine.  I tried to set off nice and slowly and before long got into a normal running pace.  It certainly didn't feel fast at all.  I was encouraged through seeing a few other runners who were spontaneous in giving me a nice smile. That was nice, thank you, perhaps 2018 will see some kind of camaraderie emerging on the Busway?

And afterwards?

Thoroughly enjoyed a red-hot shower once I'd come back.
My ankles ache a little now (I have put on 4lb in weight!).
Nice dose of the Runner's High afterwards - surprising for such a short run?
Spent some time stretching afterwards as I'm feeling very stiff and inflexible.
Got reminded of how lovely running really is.

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