Monday, 16 March 2015

Smelly technical fabric (aka Smelly Helly)

In the interests of family harmony, I have needed to find a better way of dealing with my smelly running tops.  To say they are smelly is an understatement; even I have begun to admit they have become very smelly indeed.  Talk about Smelly Hellies.  These are shirts made from the synthetic, wicking type of fabrics.  I like these in all other respects - good at body temperature regulation, wicking away sweat, good at layering etc.

The problem has become such an issue, it has become an embarrassment.  Even when I put on a clean, freshly washed top, it smells.  In fact it stinks.  If I can smell it, others are bound to smell it.  It even makes every thing else smell just as bad in the same laundry basket or even if other clothes go through the same wash.

Rachel lovingly experimented with different detergents, pre-wash soaks and alternative methods but nothing really worked.  She was (generally) polite about it and would drop all kinds of hints around possible solutions to this tricky problem.  These included:

  • putting my washing out into the garage while they are waiting to be washed
  • gathering a washing machine load so they could all be washed together
  • deodorant
  • throw the whole lot away and start from stretch

Knowing that it was becoming an issue and pushing the tolerance to my running to the limit I took the plunge and surfed around and came up with this - Halo Sports Wash.

It seems to work, so far so good.  After the first wash I found 95% of the residual smell had gone.  Subsequent washes seem to have completed the task well.  The price?  Arguably a little more than the cost of normal detergent.  The price of marital harmony at home?  A true bargain.

Available from Wiggle.

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