Monday, 9 February 2015

Wifely motivation

This special form of motivation makes quite a difference in terms of my quest to eat well and stay fit and here's a quick run through of the different ways this is delivered:

Before going for a run
  • "How would you me to push you out of bed?"
  • "Your running gear is all washed and ready for you to make it sweaty and muddy again"
  • "Just get out there"
  • "Don't worry about doing the washing up, you go"
  • "Stop procrastinating, get out!" said in an increasing loud, assertive way
  • "You mean you've only done 5 miles this week?"  followed by that disapproving look.
And after a run
Mind you, I often find I get a similar kind of loving reception when I get back from such a run.  You'll have to picture the scene: we live in an ordinary semi detached house.  Hallway leading to the back of the house and the kitchen, bathroom upstairs etc.
  • "STOP right there!  Don't take a step further - have you seen how muddy you are?"
  • "Let me help you with your clothes, no DON'T get any ideas.  That running jacket needs to hang up outside as there's no way that's going to stink the whole house out"
  • "The bathroom is all clear for you, we've made sure of that"
  • "The washing machine is empty and the door is wide open, ready for those digesting clothes"
So there y'go.  Simply wonderful and couldn't do without it, even though it sometimes seems tough love.  That special form of loving, wifely motivation.  It's special.  I'm blessed and thankful.

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