Friday, 16 January 2015

Running, the great leveller?

This week I have had two post-work runs, each 5 miles and so a satisfying 10 miles.  A further 2 or 3 miles are also in the bank through running last night around our neighbourhood (this was on account of getting to the Kayak club running far too late, another story!).

Those after work runs are fantastic, although it sometimes takes a bit of effort to change and start off running in Stevenage in the dark.  Sometimes it seems so tempting to simply jump into my car, turn the heater up, windscreen wipers on, radio and lights on to drive home.  And yet, I have NEVER, EVER regretted any of these runs.

The Leveller?

This is the thought that occurred to me as I was running this week.  Running.  It's simply me, my feet and the path ahead, that's all it takes.  It is so simple and yet also marvellously complex with all of those muscles, bones and everything else pulling together.

The fact that it depends on just me is important.  Once you have a pair of running shoes, you don't need anything else (although proper kit does help you stay more comfortable).  Because of it's simplicity, running seems a more honest sport than, as an example, cycling.

With cycling you need a bike and I think this makes quite a difference in performance.  With running all you can buy to make a difference is a different pair of shoes and I doubt that there's much to choose from different shoes in terms of performance through being cheap or expensive.  And then there are the super light wheels, aero dynamic spokes, helmet and so on, all making a slight difference.

None of this really applies to the runner and I believe this is one of the reasons why I like it some much i.e. it's an honest sport and that's the way I like it.  Simple as that.  No gears, no need for super-light this or aerodynamic that.  Just me, my feet and the path ahead.  Beautiful.

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