Thursday, 10 October 2013

Update: bookings and a break

I am taking a little break from this blog for a while.  There's no way I have run out of things to "ramble" about, far from it, moreover a lack of time is the biggest problem.

Rest assured I am taking care of myself and I hope you are too, especially if you're a regular visitor.  In fact only last night, after a day in the office, I went for a 5 mile run before I drove home.  I loved it and still run a few times each week to stay in good shape physically and mentally.

In the meantime, why not head over to my other blog - - where I will be blogging more about cycling over the coming months.  There's a couple of things you might spot there and which might be of interest to you....

Firstly, I am now giving talks to groups and companies on heathy living!

Speaking at a recent  Wellness event at Apple, Watford.

Essentially I am covering what I have already covered in this blog.  I'll tell you more about my journey from a closer personal perspective and tailor my time with you to meet the needs of your group.  I promise you it'll be interactive: there's no way I will be standing up and just talking!

Broadly, these are the subject areas, all built around my journey of going from a stressed out, flabby and overweight forty-something year old, to a marathon runner in his 50s.

  • keeping fit, healthy living
  • managing stress
  • cycling
  • running
  • motivation
  • giving up smoking
I have had some really encouraging feedback (thanks everyone!).  I will travel through Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.  Please give this some thought for your group, your team, your business etc.  

Making Contact

Please use this link.

Secondly, a challenge!

The second subject developing in The Cycle Hub is the Coast to Coast In A Day challenge.  This is an endurance event, a 150 mile bike ride through beautiful Cumbria and Yorkshire.  The event is in June 2014 so there's much time for training and bike rides to tell you about.


  1. Dear Doug,
    I think that it's a very fine thing that you are prepared to share your experience in this way and I am sure that you will inspire some of your audience to 'Take that first step' on the road to fitness and feeling better able to cope.
    The cycle hub sounds great. Certainly do-able,but I have to admit I have not done that distance in one day myself so I can't speak from experience...yet.
    I will check out your cycling blog.
    You are living a good life,Doug!
    Regards, ''H''

  2. I got the name of your cycling blog and the coast to coast challenge mixed up. Sorry!

  3. H, thank you very much for your encouragement, once again. Yes please visit The Cycle Hub, will be nice to have you there.

    Regards, Doug.