Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Cycle Hub

On our C2C ride we came across The Cycle Hub in Newcastle and I thought it was worth a mention.  Here goes: it is a social enterprise - this means that any trading profit is traded back into the community in some manner.

The Cycle Hub is right on the Cycle Route 72 on the banks of the River Tyne.  It's whole aim is to promote cycling for everyone.  It does this by renting out bikes, offering workshop facilities, nurturing a cycling culture and a place for local cyclists to meet for a coffee.

Sounds great and I hope they succeed.  They've only been open for a couple of weeks and clearly still doing some of the finishing touches.  There are some retail offerings; right from bottle cages to £3,000+ bikes as well as the cafe serving light snacks.

I would really recommend anyone cycling past drops into say "hello" and maybe stay for a snack.

 So. if you're on the Cycle Route 72 in Newcastle, why not take a look?  I think this place will grow and grow.  All the best to The Cycle Hub


  1. Hi - Cheers for the mention on your blog and here's to seeing lots of people on the C2C and Hadrian Cycleway dropping in for a cuppa and some food. We are now fully open (except today...some large torch coming past for some summer event!!) but after this it is all stations go for the Hub.

  2. Thanks Andy, all the best with your enterprise! We hope to see the torch not far from us in July not far from our home 'down south' and it'll be memorable for children and adults alike.