Thursday, 5 August 2010

Catching up

Here's a recap on things over recent months. You see, I've been really busy and deflected away from blogging. With this being written in August, there's quite a bit to remember and little chance.

February 2010

A quiet month in many ways. Met with Wallie in London for a day as we do from time to time. The image is from a relief I photographed at Kings Cross St Pancras station. As I do go into London from time to time on business, this reflects how I often look and feel.

We had the delights of celebrating Hannah's 10th birthday on 31st January although she had her birthday party just into February - scrambling around at Dell Farm.

Although February is probably the lowest part of the year for me, I had the impending Bath Half Marathon to concentrate on. I did some training, though not frequently enough.

March 2010

Bath Half on the 7th was great, very cold and painful towards the end but oh so worth it. My time was 1.48 so under my 2 hour target. At mile 9 my right groin became painful, just as it had during a long run the previous weekend - a good sign of pushing myself too hard.

Towards the end of the month I hosted a stakeholder conference at work. I was so relieved when I clocked so many people had come. I remember Barbara our Communications Manager trying to interview me while the workshops were taking place - she just couldn't get any sense out of me at all, I was kind of punch drunk through the event going well.

And then, our 14th wedding anniversary!

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